When it comes to commercial roofing, the smallest mistakes can end up causing even bigger problems. If you want to avoid the following commercial roofing installation mistakes, hiring commercial general contractors with extensive experience and a history of quality installations is important.

Commerical Roofing Mistakes

  1. Not Replacing Old Components – Keeping parts of the old roof only makes sense if the said parts are still in good condition. One of the most common commercial roofing installation mistakes is not replacing parts like rotten wood nailers. Installation practices like this can make your commercial roof vulnerable to wind damage.

  1. Asphalt Kettle Fires – Installing modified bitumen roofs requires working with an asphalt kettle, which needs to be set at a certain temperature and loaded properly to avoid a kettle fire. Liquid bitumen or asphalt is combustible and should be handled with care to avoid injuries, installation delays and possible property damage. A knowledgeable and experienced contractor that performs industrial construction services would have the proper installation and safety training in place to avoid committing such mistakes in the first place.

  1. Using Frayed Extension Cords – Speaking of safety training, we would never risk our installers’ safety or damage to your property by using old and frayed extension cords. Part of our daily routine is making sure the installers are using undamaged equipment.

  1. Improper Installation Practices – Most roofing materials require a specific set of installation steps, and deviating from them could result in costly installation errors. For example, membrane roofing like TPO has seams that need to be welded at a certain temperature; otherwise, the seams would be vulnerable to wind and water intrusion. Re-welding is easy enough, but if water intrusion had already damaged the insulation layer or the substrate, then the required repair work would be costlier and disruptive.

  1. Neglecting the Insulation – A new commercial roof needs a new insulation layer, especially when switching from one roofing type to another. Reusing damaged or inefficient insulation can be detrimental to your building’s energy efficiency, which could lead to increased monthly energy costs. Fortunately, when you work with Allied Construction Services, you don’t have to worry about rookie mistakes; and if ever we do commit installation errors, you have the assurance that our workmanship warranty will cover corrections.

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