What It Takes to be a Licensed Roofer in California

There are various regulations to follow related to roofing construction services. California roofing laws include the licensure of the roofing company, shingle materials to be used to the slope of the roof and even the installation of energy efficiency roofs. 

What Makes a Maintainable Commercial Roof?

Roofs that are properly maintained last longer and offer buildings more protection against harsh elements and weather extremes. Routine maintenance can also help detect minor roof issues that can lead to major damage when neglected. 

The 6 Building Maintenance Tasks You Should Always Conduct

Preventive maintenance in any building should always be conducted in order to keep its occupants safe and the building in working order. Otherwise, it can result in hazardous situations that could have been completely avoided. While building maintenance may sound like a large task to undertake, it’s a necessary measure.

The Qualities of a Good Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing is becoming one of the most desirable choices of roofing material. After all, it’s durable, affordable and energy-efficient qualities are what homeowners are looking for in their roofing systems. However, like every roofing material, metal roofs have to be properly installed in order to last long. Thankfully, there are ways you can determine […]

Seismic Retrofitting: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Earthquakes are unavoidable natural disasters. Whenever a particularly strong earthquake occurs, you can be certain that there will be ruined buildings. With that in mind, this makes seismic retrofitting an important process for most buildings. Commercial general contractors will tell you that seismic retrofitting is a process where buildings will be made earthquake-proof. That way, […]

Waterproofing 101: Challenges and Solutions

Waterproofing is by far one of the most effective ways to maintain a structurally sound building. Preventing and managing water infiltration is an investment for most owners. Hence, hiring contractors that offer general construction services and have expertise in waterproofing is the first step to a lasting structure.

A Guide to Waterproofing Multi-Story Building

Leaks in a multi-story building would naturally be more problematic than leaks in a home due to the sheer number of tenants inside. Waterproofing a multi-story building is also trickier, as it has more openings that water can seep through.

How Cool Roofing Systems Reduce Heat Island Effect

Getting cool roof system services from your trusted roofing contractor may be one of the best decisions you will make as a property owner. Cool roofs can give you and the people around you a lot of benefits with a more comfortable place to stay in. It also helps the environment by reducing the heat […]

Proactive Building Maintenance: Why Does It Matter?

As a building owner or facilities manager, nothing is costlier or more tedious than maintaining the property. After all, it can eat up a great portion of your budget for keeping the building or facility going. The key to this, fortunately, is to approach maintenance with a proactive mindset. In doing so, you can achieve […]