As a building owner in the local area, you should never downplay the strong impression customers or tenants may garner upon seeing your well-maintained commercial property. Making sure the whole structure receives regular upkeep demonstrates how you truly care about your patrons and your business.

But just how important is property maintenance? Allied Construction Services, your local general construction and commercial roofing contractor, discusses more.

The Underlying Benefits

Regularly scheduled commercial property maintenance offers numerous benefits for you. Aside from establishing a positive reputation for your business, it also boosts the look of your property grounds, promotes a healthy-looking landscape and uplifts the mood of your tenants or customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial property should be preventive. This means performing inspections, servicing, replacements, repairs and other tasks to minimize corrective and breakdown maintenance and retain satisfactory conditions. With the help of a local provider of commercial construction services, you can come up with a well-defined maintenance program that you can review and adjust as necessary.

Sample Maintenance Checklist

Your commercial property maintenance program may vary depending on location, skill, size and equipment needs. You can request a building audit to determine your needs or utilize the basic checklist below, which covers both the exterior and interior maintenance tasks.

  • Exterior Maintenance

    • Walls ( structural and water damage)

    • Roofing (leaks and storm damage)

    • Windows (airtightness, cracks, repairs, replacement)

    • Doors (repairs, replacement, maintenance)

    • Foundation (cracks, shifting concerns)

    • Gutters and Downspouts (repairs, leaks, cleaning)

    • Grading Issues (erosion, water run-off, ice dams)

    • Facades (mold or mildew removal)

  • Interior Maintenance

    • Ceilings (water damage)

    • Systems Maintenance (electrical, water, HVAC, security)

    • Equipment Cleaning

    • Bathroom Sanitation

    • Trash Removal

    • General Preventive Maintenance

For your building maintenance needs, turn to Allied Construction Services. We offer free inspections and a host of preventive property maintenance services that allow you to forecast capital property expenses and budget more efficiently. With us, you can lower your total cost of ownership.

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