concrete roof deck on commercial building

Got leaks? We can stop them.

If water is seeping through your concrete decks, basement walls, and anything else, we can stop it, even if it is below ground. We apply a variety of solutions to stop water infiltration  including:
  • masonry wall sealers,
  • wall coatings,
  • joint caulking,
  • anti-graffiti sealers,
  • control joint repairs and sealants,
  • below-grade waterproofing and more.
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workers preparing waterproofing through brick wall ACS workers fix below grade leaks in basement wall by drilling holes at tight intervals, and shooting urethane coatings onto the other side of the wall.  waterproofed external deck outside office building We waterproofed this concrete deck on building exterior. glossy concrete deck of parking structure Waterproofed parking structure with recently applied concrete deck coating.