The problem with living in a condo is that it isn’t always clear who should shoulder the cost of repairs. For example, if there’s a roof leak in your condo, do you have to shell out money? Or do the association dues cover them? Well, it’ll depend on the condo association’s rules. 

Allied Construction Services, your go-to contractor for all your building maintenance services needs, elaborates further below. 

Cost Breakdown 

First off, you need to understand what your association dues usually cover. 

  1. Maintenance – Living in a condo means sharing facilities with other occupants. The homeowners’ association uses the fees to keep the exterior, community facilities, plumbing systems and HVAC units in good condition. 

  2. Utilities – A portion of the fees are used to pay for the electricity and water used by community swimming pools and gyms. 

  3. Staff – A portion of the fees goes to the security and janitorial staff’s salaries. 

  4. Insurance – It’s standard practice for associations to have an umbrella insurance policy in case of property damage. 

  5.  Contingency Fund – A lot of associations set aside a small portion of the fees for emergencies. 

As such, in most cases, the homeowners’ association will cover the repairs of the building’s exterior. There are a few exceptions, however. 

The Caveat 

As mentioned earlier, each association has its own rules concerning condo owners’ responsibilities. You can go through these rules in the condo’s covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). Those living in detached condo units, which are more similar to townhouses, usually have more responsibilities than those residing in high-rise condos. It’s also a good idea to ask about your association’s insurance policy. 

If you are responsible for all roofing-related issues, make sure to schedule routine inspections and maintenance work. To minimize the risk of leaks, we recommend a waterproofing system. Just make sure to hire a qualified contractor. 

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