Standing seam metal roofing has been steadily gaining in popularity for good reason. But while it’s gaining a lot of favor from homeowners, many don’t realize that it can be just as advantageous for commercial property owners and managers. Yes, flat roofs are great, but they’re not the only roofing option available for your business.

Here’s what you can expect from standing seam metal roofing from an expert in general construction services:

They Are Durable

One of the best attributes that metal roofing has to offer is that it is incredibly durable. Suitable for both hot and cold climates, standing seam metal roofing can be expected to weather through whatever challenges the elements can bring. Because they are durable, you can expect a standing seam metal roof to last up to 50 years, especially with proper maintenance.

They Are Beautiful

Standing seam metal roofs are sleek, making them attractive from the curb no matter your commercial property’s architectural style. The clean, straight lines they have look great on modern and contemporary structures, but easily complement more traditional styles even with a waterproofing system. Not to mention that they come in a range of color options and can be painted a custom hue of your choice.

They Are Energy-Efficient

Standing seam metal roofing can help you cut back on energy costs by limiting passive heating coming from your roof. This is possible because while metal conducts heat, it is also highly emissive, meaning whatever heat it does absorb is also easily released. Add the fact that it’s reflective, so it is able to bounce back heat, keeping it from being absorbed by the building structure. It is also for this reason that metal roofing, in general, is considered a “cool roofing” option.

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