Waterproofing is always a great idea, but unfortunately the idea always comes at the worst times. It isn’t until the storms roll in do we wish we made the decision of waterproofing. In the past, we talked about waterproofing rooftops. Waterproofing rooftops is a great benefit to have, but also protecting balconies and decks is equally important. The waterproofing benefits of balconies and decks in your property can help protect your property.

Balconies is a wonderful amenity to be able to offer to your tenants. Though, many times an unprotected balcony can affect the integrity. Over time with constant water damage, whether that be from weather conditions or spills, you could be faced with expensive repairs. Waterproofed balconies also can protect during harmful weather conditions. Living in California’s Bay Area, we have a bipolar type weather conditions, so it is important that your property is protected during any type of weather.

Balcony Waterproofing Benefits:


– Increase durability
– Protect from harmful UV rays
– Reduce the amount of repairs
– Increase your property’s aesthetic


One of the more dangerous elements that can damage your deck is water. Whether your property has a wooden deck or your pool deck, both can be waterproofed. Especially in relation to your pool deck, it will have more exposure to water than a patio deck. Waterproofing your wooden deck will help protect it from weather conditions. Constant water absorption can cause mold and cause erosion. Our waterproofing benefits can help protect the integrity of your deck.

Deck Waterproofing Benefits:


– Limit water exposure
– Less erosion
– Preservation of your deck
– Protection against mold


We bring expert services to HOA communities, apartment complexes and commercial properties. Waterproofing services is a major benefit to help extend and protect the life of different amenities for different properties. We highly encourage people to think about protecting various aspects of a building or home to reduce the amount of damages. Waterproofing benefits can save your property / community in hundreds of dollars of damage.