There are various regulations to follow related to roofing construction services. California roofing laws include the licensure of the roofing company, shingle materials to be used to the slope of the roof and even the installation of energy efficiency roofs. 

Here’s an overview of California’s roofing laws. 

Roofer Licensing

Always hire a contractor who is licensed and knowledgeable on California roofing codes. The state requires contractors or roofers who work on projects costing $500 or more to be licensed by the state Contractors State License Board. A valid business license is also required in many cities. 

A valid license ensures the proficiency of a residential or commercial roofing contractor in state regulations as well as workers’ compensations in case of an accident or injury. The license information must be stated on their business card, website, or other ads. Check the Contractor’s State License Board to make sure your contractor’s license is updated and valid. 

Roofing Permits 

The guidelines and cost for a roofing permit vary in each city. For instance, the Department of Economic and Community Development in Daly City requires a permit for any roofing job that covers more than 100 square feet. In Palm Desert, a permit is required for any roofing work. 

Contractors usually take care of permits but with a fee. You can be charged for doing a roofing job without a permit if it’s required.

Roofing Codes

California roofing laws are stated in the California Residential Code for residential structures and the California Building Code for nonresidential structures. California roofing requirements under the California Residential Code includes the suitable materials for roof coverings to roof insulation. The provisions for fire classification, weather protection, re-roofing, roof drainage and solar power are included as well. The California roofing code states all requirements for a typical residential roofing project.  

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