Roofs that are properly maintained last longer and offer buildings more protection against harsh elements and weather extremes. Routine maintenance can also help detect minor roof issues that can lead to major damage when neglected. 

As one of your most experienced commercial general contractors, you can count on our professionals here at Allied Construction Services for your roof maintenance. Read on to learn more about what makes a maintainable commercial roof.

Proper Drainage

By preventing standing water on your roof, you keep it out of your building.

Limited Roof Access

While good access to the roof is necessary for inspections and repairs, too much and constant foot traffic can harm the roof surface. Have control over who can access the roof. Lock the door if your roof has interior access. For exterior access, consider locking installed ladders or using a removable ladder. 

Water Barriers Under Expansion Joints

The purpose of water barriers is to stop the water leaking through the joints from seeping into the interiors of the building. Aside from roof system services, we also specialize in waterproofing above ground and below ground. Having a dry structure improves safety.

Equipment Clearance

Follow the NRCA guidelines for the height of equipment stands. They should be high enough to allow roofers to get under the equipment for maintenance and repairs. The larger the equipment, the higher the stand should be.

Space Around Penetrations

Penetrations within the roof need enough clearance for repairs. Penetrations should be more than a foot from roof edges, fixtures and other items on the rooftop. 

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