Roof estimates are very different from roof inspections. Businesses should know which is which and understand what they are for so they can know what to ask from a local roofing company.

When to Ask for a Roofing Estimate or Roofing Inspection

In this article, Allied Construction Services, your provider of roof system services, defines what roofing estimates and inspections are, discuss what they are for and talk about who will need them.

Roof Estimates

As the term suggests, roof estimates are rough calculations of possible costs of roof projects. When roofers say they will give free estimates, they mean to say they will give a client approximate costs of roofing services.

Clients who know what their roof needs are only need ask their commercial general contractors for an estimate. If you, for example, know that your roof needs replacing right off the bat, you won’t need a contractor to inspect your roof’s condition. You only need to ask how much replacing your roof will cost.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections, on the other hand, are just what the term says: it’s an inspection meant to determine your roof’s actual condition.

When contacted for roof inspections, roofers will climb on your roof to check for damages and possible problems. They will carefully assess your roof and tell you what they think.

Commercial business owners best call for roofing inspections if they don’t know how their roof is doing, but suspect that there might be some problems there. Unexplained leaks and water damage on ceilings and interiors should prompt clients to call a contractor for a roof inspection.


Roof estimates are usually given for free. Roofers will simply show clients a breakdown of potential costs for what they think needs to be done to their roofing. This is called a quote. Roof inspections, on the other hand, will require clients to pay some amount.


To sum it all up, roofers can be paid to inspect a roof to assess its condition, potential issues and what needs to be done in the event a problem is discovered. Estimates, on the other hand, are free cost approximations of a roofing project.

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